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Terms of Service


In commissioning me, you agree to have read these terms and conditions and agree to follow them as listed:

  1. Custom commission prices will be given by quote. Please contact me via email at or via the form on my contact page.

  2. Commission prices are subject to change depending upon complexity. I will advise before the price changes so we can discuss. Feel free to ask questions, I would be happy to explain!

  3. I require to be paid the full amount due up-front before I start any amount of work. I only take payment through PayPal, though I will consider taking other outside payments. The exception to this rule are commissions of $100 or more that can be split into payments. We must agree to the terms of the payments before I will start work and a minimum of 25% of the payment is due upon start of the commission.

  4. You or I can cancel the commission at ANY time; I will issue you a refund minus the work I've done for it up to that point. You will also receive any work I have done as well. 

  5. If the commission is $20 or under; I will not show you work in progress unless you specifically ask for one or I want to be sure it's going in the right direction. If there is something you wish to change about the work in progress, please let me know and I will edit it to the best of my abilities. I will only edit the work in progress twice before I start charging an additional fee. I highly advise you to let me know all changes you wish to be made the first time.

  6. If you have expressed interest in a commission and I have attempted to contact you twice with no response (within a reasonable time frame), I will consider the spot in my queue dropped if no money has changed hands. If you have paid up front and provided details and contact is not returned in two weeks, I will proceed and complete the commission.

  7. If you wish to keep your commission anonymous and not to be posted, let me know as soon as you commission me or else I will upload it to social media at my leisure.

  8. For embroidery digitization: 6 months after the commission is complete, the embroidery design will be open for sale by me to other customers. I have full power to rework and organize the designs into a saleable collection. If you would not like the design to be resold there will be an additional $60 fee. Please advise in advance that you would not like it to be resold so this can be applied to the commission cost.

  9. If your piece is physical and passed in person, once it has left my hands, the transaction is complete. The piece is then your responsibility and anything lost, stolen, or damaged will not be replaced for free.

  10. If your commission is physical and will be mailed to you, I have a $2 charge for premium packaging and tracking information. If you do not wish to pay this I will not remake your commission if it is lost or damaged in the mail. This cost will not apply in commissions over $40.

  11. I will not ship extra accessories (such as badge clip, hooks, etc.) as these often damage packaging or the piece itself. 

  12. If you were somehow dissatisfied with my business or manner and feel the need to post critique on my work ethic to a public website (i.e. Artist Beware Community, Social Media, etc.), please alert me FIRST with an email.

  13. In reading these terms, you also agree in understanding that I do have a life, family, full time employment, and may take my time on your commission. If you have a deadline in mind, let me know when you are first commissioning me! I cannot guarantee a deadline if it is placed in the middle of me working on the commission.

  14. These Terms of Service can be updated and edited at any time by me. Last update was 9/6/2019.

Thank you for reading and considering working with me!